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In the area of Alfhausen, Germany, wreath-making ceremonies are common traditions for many different occasions. We were honored to witness one on Thursday, June 18th, 2015 when Jan & Michaela were honored to have a wreath made for their upcoming wedding on the 20th. The neighbors of Jan’s parents gather fresh greens and flowers from the fields and make a large wreath to hang on Hans & Birgit’s doorway(Jan’s parents), many neighbors helped and the wedding party was required to serve drinks. Once the wreath is made, the couple must step out the wreath and take a shot per step. Then the wreath is hung on the door and many photographs are take of the couple that night and the night of the wedding! And don’t worry after all those shots were taken we ate a large wonderful meal at the beautiful home of Hans and Birgit. The night did not end there, there was much more celebration, dancing, gummy and chocolate eating until 3am(well at least for Greg and I) some may have stayed up longer. Just in case your wondering they do wreaths for anniversaries…and my favorite was when you are 25 if you are not married, they tie old socks on the wreath…because you are officially an old sock….Jan had an old sock wreath on his 25th. Well Jan you have met a beautiful and wonderful bride and you are no longer an old sock. So happy for you both!! It was so wonderful to see their tradition first hand, and the wreath, a work of art!!! MUAH!!! Look for more posts to come about the wedding and trip!!!


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