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You are beautifully and wonderfully made

I hear this line often when I speak with friends about photography….”I need to get my family photograph taken and I just keep putting it off….”    I get it, I put stuff off all of the time, life is busy…but please consider this:

God created you and loves you for who you are, there will always be new health goals to set and accomplish and money to save for the future, but don’t stop celebrating what God has given you today. As women it’s so easy to only see our scars, instead of celebrating our journey as God’s creation. We have been weathered, we have been resilient but God made YOU for a PURPOSE….be healthy but don’t get lost in perfection. Book that photo shoot!  Be captured, be celebrated, you are beautifully and wonderfully made.

On a totally side note….in 10-20 years from now, we will look back and say……”Dang, I looked good!”

And if you can’t be totally serious about the process….than just be silly!

Thank you for taking time to read this little insight!

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