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My name is Melissa Vandermause, and I LOVE THE LORD. I have found my voice in photography. I am able to speak through the images that I create. This is the only way my tilted mind is at ease. More importantly I’m fascinated by God’s intricate creation; we are all so beautifully and wonderfully made. I know that documenting one’s life is an honor and I take that very seriously. I aim to photograph the heart and soul through my portrait art.


I LOVE my family. My husband has been an absolute rock for me. He is 100% supportive and goes above and beyond the call of daddy duties. He gives me the time I need to live out my passion. We have always been blessed with supportive parents and grandparents and without their love and support I would not be able to live my dream. We also have been beyond blessed with our young-ins, MISTER Brevinn and MISS Vera, with which life continues to get sweeter each day.

I LOVE my friends. I have moved often in my life, so I’ve been completely comfortable meeting new friends and having to leave or say good-bye to old friends. However, as my life has busied with children and work, I find myself finding a deeper appreciation for my true friends; ones that I can be my mid-western laid back, drink-a-beer-in-a-hooded-sweatshirt self with. As I age and my passion for photography takes over a large portion of my free time, I know I have to schedule time to renew those friendships, and it is hands down worth every late night chatting on the phone or tired morning after a night out with the ladies!

I LOVE my clients. Bringing their interests, passions, and styles into each shoot is a must. I love working with creatives and pushing the boundaries of portrait photography, in a completely modest way, of course. I don’t look for clients, I look for artistic partners in which we can collaboratively bring their stories to life.
My newest venture in the photographic arts is introducing hand painted canvases to use as backdrops. The result has exceeded all of my wildest dreams, and I’m IN LOVE with results. Most importantly what you need to know is that if you dig my style and invest in my portrait art, I will work my tail off creating memories for you the only way I know how to: CREATIVELY PURSUED & YET COMPLETELY UNSCRIPTED. You see I absolutely love brainstorming for each session and coming up with unique ideas to implement, however every session has it’s own day, it’s own vibe, and definite surprises, so I look forward to rolling with whatever comes my way!