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Celebrate Life Sessions

This video is near and dear to my heart. My husband thought of this concept. What if we took video footage of Vera and I dancing so that someday at her wedding… it could play during the father daughter dance in the background…

Since he has mentioned this idea about 8 months ago, I couldn’t stop thinking about making this film and creating a product I can offer to others as well. In life, we will be weathered and through God’s grace and love can still be resilient. This video is a celebration of the fleeting moments we have been given, and how everyday is a gift. When I get to photograph or film someone in this way it always amazes me to see the beauty that God created. We are beautifully and wonderfully made. I urge you to Celebrate Life through film.

Introducing the  “Celebration of Life” film

What is this film session about?

It can be anything from a daddy daughter dance/mother son dance to a memory video of family enjoying their home on the holidays. It’s 3-4 min long typically and the music is purchased from a copyright free music provider. We personally created this video to play at our daughter’s wedding someday if that is God’s plan for her life. We have also done footage with our son and myself and that video is waiting to be edited but it will be a more spirited goofball version of this:)


How much does it cost?

$795 per final video


How long does the session take?

30-60 minutes tops, in fact many times only 20 min to get the footage desire based on locations used of course


How come it’s so costly if it only takes an hour tops?

These films require many hours of editing and finding appropriate music to get the final piece to it’s finished quality, it’s art, and you cannot rush that process


What if I have more than one child that I’d like to have a video for?

If you have more than one child and then the cost is 50% off for the additional child’s video(you may combine the footage to one video as well if you would like and not pay an additional fee for both to have a daddy daughter/mother son video)