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Ok, I have a bazzilion other things to be doing right now, but I feel strongly I need to share my thoughts!!! I am INSANELY EXCITED TO SHARE my newest collaboration with Lime Rock Photography!!!!(brand new website to come soon, watch for it)We are offering $50 of any session between now and March, and I have a brand new PDF of information I will be sending anyone interested or just curious about finding out more!!!!! I have worked with the owner Michael Schwertfeger before when he owned New Generation Studio along with Custom Weddings, I learned allot from him and was ecstatic to hear he was interested in collaborating. It’s a wonderful fit for me as well as I am making the transition back to the area and am planning for life when kids are busy in sports and school activities, so this collaboration will free up some work for me, but still allow me to continue doing what I LOVE!!


As part of this collaboration, I get to focus on using my spanking new hand painted modern art backdrops(visable on the header of the blog), WOOT WOOT….I’m like a kid in a candy store when I can rock these babies out!!! How did this all begin you may ask? Well whenever I was shooting on location I would STRONGLY gravitate to photographing my subjects in front of art, I would sniff it out almost anywhere. It was heavenly to be able to photograph any session in front of a modern painting or any insanely obnoxiously bright colors. So then one day it occured to me, AHAAAAAAA……I can paint, sort of, well modern style is the only painting I have patience for….I can create my own art and then photograph my subjects in front of it, like all the time! YEEEEEEY, this is happening!!!! Now around the same time, I had started doing these hand painted little canvases with my son Brevinn, it’s was awesome, because allot of the little movements he would make were quite awesome and brought on a life that an adult cannot do. However, I needed to always stop him before the canvas became a sloppy brown mess, but if I stopped him in time…pure art magic. If not, we’d paint over it the next day with white paint to add some nice texture and we had a blank slate!!! So now here I am 2 years later and all I want to do it paint and create custom background art all week, WOW, feel amazingly inspired and IN LOVE with this idea and can’t wait to share it with the world!!!!! So just wanted to share the inspiration and also let you know that I have SOOOOO many ideas up my sleeve that you just may want to keep your eyes open the next couple years to see what painting I might pull out of my back pocket!!!! I also do custom work with these canvases, they are great to use as graphical elements for businesses and can be incorporated into logos!!!!

So now you know the story behind the modern art backdrops…if you want to find out more about how to book a session in the Mankato area, just email me at [email protected]!! Tata for now!

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Wishing you all the happiest of days this Christmas and New Year Season! I want to share our Christmas card, we only gave cards to immediate family this year, so I wanted to share them with my blog followers and facebook fans too!!! I’m currently working on our year in review video that we do every year, and can’t wait to show it off! I also want to use this post to make a quick announcement! I am collaborating with LIME ROCK PHOTOGRAPHY for my portraits sessions in the Minnesota area starting in January! You can contact Galleria Vivid or Lime Rock to make an appointment for a photoshoot! Looking forward to share my style with new clients soon!!! The hand painted canvas behind Brevinn and Vera was a custom canvas I painted, as I was inspired by Lime Rock!!!


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